Friend + Fetish = F#@$ing

W7-17-Asian-Science-Transformation“Oh, hey Colin.  How was work?”
“Rich, why are you doing that?”
“Doing what?”
“Exposing your ass to me while seemingly undressing me with your eyes.”
“Oh, was I?  I guess I didn’t notice…  Do you like what you see?”
“Do I like seeing a scantily dressed Asian woman in my apartment?  Yes.  Do I like seeing my friend who was turned into one because they were sent the wrong medication?  No.”
“This may have been an accident, but I am really enjoying this body.  And I think I’d like to enjoy it with you.”
“Um, are you alright?”
“I’m great Colin, and I’d feel wonderful if I were to stay like this and advance our friendship to the next level.  The sexual level”
“On one hand, I think the medication is messing with your brain.  On the other hand… you’re basically my fetish.  Yeah, let’s do this!”


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