My Little Bro’s Girl

W7-19-Age Regression-Body Swap-WhiteI’ve got to say, little bro has a great taste in girls.  If she were a little older, I would have dated her, but now, I guess I am her.  It’s all thanks to that accident.  She had to pick up and begin him this invention he made, and I offered to help carry it to her car.  The instant I grabbed it, we dropped the invention and and found ourselves in each other’s bodies.  The invention broke from the fall, and it will take my brother months to repair.  In the meantime, I’m stuck like this, and it’s actually been pretty cool  I’m smaller and more sensitive, but I feel sorta cozy like this.  Like I just shed a really thick shell.  Considering how much my little bro’s girlfriend likes my old body, I don’t think either of us are rushing to return to our old bodies.


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