Black Babe Transformation Tonic

W7-20A-Age Progression-Black-Science-Transformation W7-20B-Age Progression-Black-Science-Transformation“Hey, were you checking out our butts, kid?”
“Um… no, I wasn’t.  I’m just looking for my friends, they said they’d meet me here.”
“Really?  Because I’m pretty sure you were staring at two fine booties.”
“I, erm…  Well…”
“Oh chill Spud, it’s us, Leo and Jojo.”
“…Do you expect me to believe that?”
“I don’t know.  Would you believe me if I said Mr. Kranson was working on a tonic that would turn anyone into his idea form… and that idea form happened to be a hot young black lady?”
“Wait, if you knew that, then why would you drink it?”
“We didn’t know then, but we’re glad we tried it in the end.  It’s cool being an adult, and real nice having all these lady parts.  Even the hair’s feels pretty sweet.”

“So, did Mr. Kranson just give you two a transformation tonic?”
“Nah, we stole it along with these clothes.  Gotta say, they feel great.”
“…How are you guys going to fix this?”
“Well, that’s the thing, we don’t think we really can.  Plus, I don’t want to give up this body.  I mean, yeah, it’s short, but I’m at least a 9.  You agree, right Spud?”
“If you’re a 9, I’m a 10.”
“Guys, focus on a solution!”
“Well, you’ve always been smarter than us, and we hid away some of the tonic, so whaddaya say?  Want to join us in our new lives as hot black chicks?  I can see that little Spud’s into the idea.”
“…I’m not abandoning my life to try to live as an adult with a seventh grade education.  If you don’t want to return to normal, then I’ll leave you to your new lives.”

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