What’s A Ramification?

W7-21-Age Progression-Fusion-White11-year-old Kyle had a crush of sorts on his friend Dan’s mother, and in order to show it, he gave her a present.  Specifically, a strange gold bracelet that he stole from a antique shop that his parents took him to.  Dan’s mother graciously accepted the gift, taking it from Kyle’s hands to inspect it further, but doing so caused the two to collide, rearrange themselves, and morph into one person wearing the gold bracelet responsible for this.  Kyle retained mental control of his new womanly body, and was stunned as he looked down at their modest female form.  The image filled Kyle’s heads with worries, fears, and questions.  But mostly he just wanted to know what a naked woman looked like.  Something that Kyle would soon discover and be reminded of every day in their new life.


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