Just Dessert

W7-23-Black-Body Swap-Magic“Um, what do you think you’re doing?  Spending my money?  Eating desserts?  I think I’ll need to take my body back from you!”
“This is my body now.”
“Care to repeat that?”
“You forced me into here, had me live your life because you’re too lazy to do it yourself, and threatened my physical well being.  I’m done.  This is now my life, and now I am Zartha.”
“Cute, aren’t you forgetting that I have the… coin?”
“I cut a hole in my pocket.  The magic coin is long gone now.”
“…You cold hearted bastard!  Give me my beautiful body back!”
“Yes, keep shouting.  Seeing you taken away will make my cake taste all the sweeter.”
The waiters then escorted the hysteric woman turned man outside of the restaurant and the new Zartha ate her cake.  Revenge made it all the sweeter.


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