A Nice Swap

W7-24-Asian-Body Swapenji and his female friend Yori had decided to switch bodies with each other 5 days ago.  In that time, Kenji had grown very attached to his friend’s form, and the very idea about being a woman.  Something about it just felt right to Kenji, and he considered telling Yori that once their planned week as each other concluded.  Much of Kenji’s surprise, they received a text from Yori, saying that she was going to run away and keep hew new body for herself.  Kenji swiftly poured their heart out to their friend, saying that they were happy this way, and that they’d love to keep Yori’s body.  The two then found each other with tears in their eyes, and decreed that they’d stay in each other’s bodies for the rest of their lives.

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