Embrace Your True Self

W7-25A-Body Swap-WhiteW7-25B-Body Swap-White W7-25C-Body Swap-White“Oh, it’s you.”
“You’re damn right it’s me!  I’m here for my body back!”
“Look Michael, or should I say Sabrina, how long have you been chasing me?”
“The past two days.”
“In that time have you considered whether or not you’d actually like my body?  Did you ask yourself if you would enjoy being a curvaceous woman with enough money to live comfortably without working a day in her life?”
“I… I don’t care about that.  I want to be me again!”
“Please Sabrina, what was so remarkable about your old life?  You were an overweight software engineer with only a few friends and a family that you didn’t like very much.  I’m simply taking this life in order to change it, make it as best as I possibly can for my own amusement.  Besides, I think you’d find this form preferable if you actually thought about it.”

“Well, I guess your body is rather attractive.  I mean, I can’t think of any other person who I’d describe as drop dead gorgeous.”
“Yes, but you are still considering your body to be someone else’s.  You are in control, Sabrina, and you are quite the comely woman.”
“I… guess I am, but do I really want to be this way?  I never hated being a guy or anything.”
“Yes, but did you find it to be particularly enjoyable?  Did it feel right?  Or did you simply not consider what could be, and who you could be.”
“No, I don’t think I ever really thought about it that much.  And now that I’m stopping to think about it, this hair is really soft, so is my skin, and this dress that caresses my body is just so… Yes, this does feel quite good.”

“I’m sorry for bothering you.  I really should thank you for setting my head straight about my body.”
“Not a problem Sabrina, I’m happy to bring happiness to others, and the best reward would be seeing you enjoy your new life, enjoy being your true self.”
“Don’t worry, I think I’ll be breaking this body in all night, if you understand where I’m coming from.”
“Oh, I do Sabrina, I do.”
“Maybe we can meet up again after you make my old body as best as you can.  I actually can see myself being kinda attracted to it, for as weird as it is to think about that.”
“It’s not weird Sabrina, you are who you truly were meant to be, and I’m happy to see you embrace it.”
“Well, I guess I should get going now.  Thanks for everything… Michael.”


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