Beautiful Beefy Bodysuits Are The Best

W7-26-Asian-BodysuitHeh, it’s funny to think that the same guys who were pricks to me, picking on me for being such a weak and scrawny guy are now boggling my beefy female form.  It’s technically a bodysuit, and certainly not the one I originally ordered.  Apparently the bodysuit company saw my request and thought that this would be a better body for me.  I reluctantly tried it on, somewhat curious about what being a woman feels like, and it feels fantastic.  I’m beautiful, I can run kilometers without getting tired, and I won’t even mention what I did in my bedroom.  Once the train takes me home, I’m going to make this my permanent body, seal the suit, and begin my new life as a strong young woman.  Damn all the real life consequences to hell!

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