Body Bouncing Bickering

W7-28-Body Swap-Hispanic“Look, I keep on telling you that this body swap was completely and utterly out of my control.”
“Yeah, which is why you had zero difficulty adapting to my body.  Heck, you learned to dress, talk, walk, and act like me in two days.”
“If I were to steal someone’s body, I wouldn’t go after someone so high maintenance.  You think I enjoy spending over an hour getting ready each morning?  I don’t.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some of your errands to run.”
“Guh, fine, I’ll keep searching for a way to switch back.  Just don’t embarrass me too badly.”
“…I’m pretty sure she switched our bodies just so she could not need to deal with everything in her life.  I swear, if she keeps this up for more than a month, then I’m gonna rework her life and keep her hot body.”


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