Forcing My Friend To Be My Lover

W7-29-Indian-Science-Transformation“There, you proved that your stupidly painful transformation potion worked.  Now how do I reverse it?”
“Um, you don’t.”
“So I’m stuck as a woman?  …The hell’s wrong with you?”
“A lot of things.  I’d explain what, but you only have a few minutes before your old self is gone, and you will become a submissive and subservient woman who values my happiness above anything else in the world.”
“…Why would you ever do this to me?  We’ve been friends for years.”
“I know, who better a candidate for my lover then my best friend?  You’ll already know so much about me, and we’ll have a deep emotional bond already.”
“I can feel my mind slipping, but before it does, I have one thing to say.  Fuck you.”
“Oh, you will my lover, you will.”


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