Joys Of A Bird Woman

W7-33-Magic_Transformation_WhiteAh yes, hello my old friends, still scattering around, searching for food, and migrating from place to place.  Oh, that was a fun simple life, and even though it’s only been a year, it feels like a lifetime ago.  A year since I pecked a strange rock that transformed me into a human, a female human.  My mind expanded after doing so, as I was flooded with knowledge of language, mathematics, science, and so many other amazing things.  Yet I also got a new body, one that is incomparable to my old pigeon form with its curves and structure.  A form that many, myself included, fine to be beauteous and a worthy mate.  Though, for humans intercourse has purposes well beyond reproduction.  Oh, but none of your can understand my words, can you?  I just hope a few of you can experience the joys of humanity someday.


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