Make A Woman Out of You

W7-34-Age Progression_Body Swap_Family_White“Hey, so how are your chores coming along?”
“Oh, hi mom– erm, Colin.  I’m just about done with the ironing.”
“Good, because dinner is starting in a little while, and you don’t want to keep a growing boy, your lovely son, waiting now do you?”
“Of course now, you’re my… precious ball of joy.”
“I am, aren’t I?  Heck, it seems like a waste to give any of this back to you… but if you keep up the good work, there’s a chance I’ll let you go back to being a teenage boy.”
“Oh, um, th-thank you–”
“A very small chance, which will only drop if I don’t see you doing all of your motherly and wifely duties.”
“Wait, does that include–”
“It does, and don’t worry, you’ll enjoy having your husband make a woman out of you.”


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