So Long Son, Hello Fiance

W7-35-Age Regression_Asian_Family_Possession_Signifcant OtherOh Scott, just seeing him smile as he walks towards me is enough to make my heart flutter.  I feel a little bad about saying that though.  Two years ago I was his father, I’m not any more, now I’m Akane, Scott’s finance.  This all happened because I was needlessly suspicious of Akane, and wanted to see if she was right for my son.  I obtained a possession spell that would allow me to live life through her eyes while my body went through life exactly as I would.  I determined that she was a sweet and kind woman like Scott said, but I found myself unable to leave her body, and had no choice but to live her life.  I began to view this body as my own, and after Scott proposed to me… I stopped viewing him as my son and started viewing him as my love.


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