Stealing Mommy For Candy

W7-36A-Age Progression_Body Swap_Family_WhiteW7-36B-Age Progression_Body Swap_Family_White“Jimmy, stop fooling around.  I don’t want you to trip in my heels.”
“Mommy, you worry too much.  I’m big, strong, and tall now.  I don’t need to worry about tripping.”
“I get that you’re excited to be in my body, but we really need to figure out how we switched into each other’s bodies and how to switch back.”
“Aw, do we haveta?  I like being you, being super tall thanks to these cool shoes you never let me wear, and having these things on my chest.  They’re really fun to poke.  They make me feel all fuzzy inside.”
“Jimmy, this is super serious, we need to get back home at the very least.  You can’t go run around the city like this!”
“Yeah I can.  You can’t stop me.  Heck, you can’t even catch me!”
“Jimmy, get back here.  Jimmy.  Jimmy!”

I managed to finally lose mommy, and now that I’ve got her body her big dumb purse, and all her money, I can finally buy all the candy I want.  I’m so happy that everything went according to plan, that I managed to use that magic coin to steal mommy’s body.  Now I can eat all the candy I want… but I’m not really all that hungry even after running away from mommy.  Instead… I find my gaze directed towards that handsome young man there, her hair slick, face mildly rugged, and wearing stylish clothing that displays just enough for his firmly crafted physical form to become apparent.  I always wondered why my mother was fixated on men like him, but as he’s coming closer to me with a smile on his face, I’m getting excited in a way I didn’t even know was possible.


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