Hello, you may call me The Enigmatic VD, or VD for short.  I’ve enjoyed TG captions for many, many years, and after experimenting to see how easily I could make TG captions quickly turned into a caption blog, as you see today.

In case you are curious, I am transgender, and I began HRT in June 2016.


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  1. Would you mind telling us a bit more about who you are and/or why you write these stories?
    Are you interested in becoming, or are you already, transgendered?
    Do you have a romantic/sexual interest in men, women, or both?

    I’m incredibly intrigued.

    • Oh boy, that is quite the loaded question. First off, your wording there may actually be offensive to some. People either are transgender, cisgender, or are curious about being transgender. It is a state of mind, not a physical change. As such, people are also not “transgendered”, and the term should never be used in such a way. It is a common mistake, and I am just letting you know so you do not make the same mistake it in the future. It is a complicated topic and I assume you meant no disrespect.

      As for your questions, I cringe whenever I am referred to using male pronouns, desire greatly to begin taking female hormones. The only reason why I have not begun my gender transition sooner has to do with misconceptions I had about the difficulties of being undergoing gender transition, but now I am anxious to begin my transition. Well, I technically already have as I have been gradually altering my voice to resemble that of a woman. Or in other words, yes, I am transgender.

      I consider myself to be both aromantic, meaning I have no interest in a romantic partner, mostly due to deeply rooted trust issues. I also consider myself to be asexual, as I find sex itself to be a very unappealing act, and I find nudity to be discomforting. I’m all in favor of both loving romance and all forms of consensual sex, but I personally have zero interest in both.

      As for why I write these stories, these vignettes, I have long loved a select few TG caption creators and after seeing so many overly written and poorly constructed captions over the years, I decided to try and make some of my own. So I rapidly made over a hundred in two weeks, keeping them all under 150 words. It was a lot of fun, and a really good writing experiment for me, and as such I decided to start this blog so I had a place to host my TG Captions.

      And in case you are wondering, TG captions, fiction, and artwork all undoubtedly contributed to my transgenderism. They introduced the concept to me, and I have a great deal of fondness for them that I cannot properly explain.

      Thank you for your interest in me, and thank you for being my first commenter.

      • Thank you for your incredibly thoughtful reply to my question.

        I actually had no idea that the word “transgendered” could be offensive. I believe I learned that lingo from a Thai TG writer I was following for a little while.

        And now seeing your Avatar I’m wondering if you have purple hair and if you’ll ever start showing pics of yourself.

        I truly hope you continue writing vignettes. They’re very intriguing and fun to read.

        Btw.. I’m following -but had to unfollow to find an article I reading previously– but will re-follow you agin later.

        Thanks for sharing hon, and I wish you luck and much love in all future endeavors. XO

        • Seeing as you are referring to them as a Thai TG writer, I’m assuming that English is not their first language, thus explaining why they would make such a mistake.

          No, I don’t have purple hair, nor do I personally want purple hair. I’m actually a natural redhead. My avatar is actually an edited version of a drawing done by Matsu-Sensei of a character who can switch their sexes at will. I will not be posting pictures of myself as I do not like myself from a physical perspective. If that ever changes, I will still likely not post my pictures here, as this is not my main blog.

          This TG Caption blog is something I’m doing under a different username, as I’d rather not have this be one of the first things that shows up when somebody looks up my username. Not because I’m ashamed of this blog, but some people may interpret it as weird or creepy.

          And thanks for calling me hon. It made me blush a little.

          • Thank you so much for your very sincere reply. I truly appreciate that you take the time to respond so thoughtfully.

            This individual does not find your blog weird or creepy in any way. But I assume that’s fairly obvious.

            Just so you know… I identify as the very quirky older sister type (and 누나 and 姉) with a history in the healing arts. So, I’ll often refer to various folk as Darling or Dear heart, entirely in a genuinely endearing kinda way. I’m glad that it doesn’t bother you. I wouldn’t do it if you didn’t seem very likable in some way.

            Matsu-Sensei is very interesting. Especially his/her fixation on breasts.
            Which reminds me of Takashi Murakami ~ http://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/june-27-2011–takashi-murakami

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