VD Captions Will No Longer Be Updated

I lost desire to invest my time in creating more TG Captions, and do not see myself ever returning.  Thank you all for your support, views, and comments over this past year, it was fun while it lasted, but VD Captions is no more… for real this time.


The Return of VD Captions

Hello everybody, Enigmatic VD here, rising from the dead.  I’ll jump straight to the point.  I wanted to make some more TG captions, I did, and the process reminded me of why I stopped making TG captions in the first place.  I created 37 new captions, many of which have multiple parts to them, and will be uploading them throughout July and early August.

I am unsure about whether or not I will continue creating TG captions after this, so these posts may be the last you hear from me, or I could pop up sometime three months later.  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy these picture based vignettes about men turning into women through fantastical means.

VD Captions is Dead

Hello everybody reading this blog and everyone who will stumble onto this site in the future.  After much deliberation, I have decided to quit TG Captioning.  Quite simply, it is a very time consuming process, and one that I am finding to be creatively stifling.  It is becoming harder and harder to come up with halfway decent justifications for men turning into women, and their own reactions, all based on photographs of women I collected.  I initially had a lot of fun with this, but the appeal has died down, and I shall not be making any more TG Captions because of this.

VD Captions will stay up, as will the download links I provided.  However, no more content will added to this blog in lieu of a miraculous creative turnabout.  I’m sorry.

Open Requests For Upcoming TG Captions!

Hello everybody, Enigmatic VD here.  I recently completed the captions I will post from now until February, and am getting started on the captions for March and April.  As such, I would like to know what sort of captions you would like to see from me, whether it be possession, fusion, family, age progression, or a specific scenario you would like for me to tackle. Continue reading

Update 07-10-2015

So, I finally finished a “wave” of captions, 58 in total.  Now, I know I said I would post them all at once, or at least implied so, but I feel like it would be better for this site if I do not spam people with 50+ updates at once, and instead update twice a day.  Once at 16:00 CST, and once at 17:00 CST.  I will try to make this my new schedule from now on, but with school, I may go on a few brief hiatuses as time goes on.

However, for the foreseeable future, expect two captions a day starting tomorrow.